About Sutton Member Program

Mortgages are offered to you by Sutton Group Realty Services Ltd. through the Sutton Member Program (SMP). SMP provides the ultra-low 1 to 5 year mortgage rates across Canada to anyone who works with a Sutton REALTOR®. Only Sutton REALTORS® registered with SMP can provide access to these exclusive mortgage rates to their clients.

As a high-volume, low-risk, low-cost service provider, Sutton Group Realty Services Ltd. has access to preferential rates from the finest Canadian lenders including some of the best rates available in Canada. Click here to view a list of all our lenders. Click here to contact us.

We’ll compare rates and products from dozens of lenders offering you flexibility in:

* Fixed and variable rates
* High loan-to-value ratios
* Wide range of amortization periods
* Mortgage portability
* Prepayment privileges
* Choices for payment frequencies

Why use a Mortgage Broker?

* Power of professional negotiating expertise.
* One stop convenience for access to numerous mortgage products.
* Unbiased knowledgeable advice.
* Access to unadvertised rates.
* Work for you, not the Bank.

With SMP you’ll save time and energy — the mortgage application process from beginning to end is completed online and by telephone.

A rate savings of even half a percent could save you well over twenty thousand dollars throughout the life of the mortgage.

About Sutton

Sutton was founded in 1983 and subsequently altered the course of an entire industry on the principle that real estate was driven by highly personalized relationships between the REALTOR® and their customers. As such, the Sutton System was designed to put the REALTOR® – not the real estate company – at the center of each business transaction. By putting the REALTOR® at the centre of the transaction, Sutton empowers them to be entrepreneurs with creative business freedom to tailor their services to the needs of their customers, resulting in optimal service. With over 8,700 REALTORS® and 200 offices across Canada, there is always a Sutton REALTOR® nearby to serve you and provide you with access to the Sutton Member Program.